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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

rasa hati nak nagis

assalamualaikum sin did not answer here I want teamed one feeling sad when I heard the song will be remembered he was not a lover herself another man yes he is a man who has sacrificed much to raise me I would miss my grandmother entered this year dah one more year my grandmother died I think our other features silent world because no one is going to upset and scolds me if I am wrong, please make when I need and pamper me ouhh missed ....
why? we must feel to lose someone we love and why? when we lose someone it is with your own tears will fall to the earth without our desire
if I may make a request I do not want to lose my dear beings who can? I was able to create what our other features for those that fill my days where they have their boredom that gave me strength when moodiness

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