Ahlan Wasahlan =)



Monday, November 7, 2011

uliya shifa =)

I just hope one of the eternal bond of friendship that's all I had dreamed that love would be in the search and it comes naturally bond a friendship soul mate but it may have similarities with love. they thought I was too happy with the friendship but that's what I want most of eternal friendship, mutual understanding of each chock schools of mutual support and mutual help

I love the feeling it's so easy for me to love someone even if that person is someone new in the life of me if her's good and if I confertable her became friends with myself I would be so easy location of her name in my heart so much space in my heart this is still empty but I was wrong

o God my God I'm begging you to extend the relationship between me and those I cared about eternal and lasting forever had in the five part I has decreed for us please just find us back and let the memory and the memory of all our shared fixed eternal and fresh in the memory.

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